1. U

    vendors who can send to Southeast Asia

    Hi, i'm new on this things i want to try some noids but it's hard to find who sell noids powder to southeast asia. I want to buy a small amount like 3g
  2. hystericalgland

    Synthetic cannabinoids???

    Does nobody smoke K2/spice anymore?? Been trying for few weeks to give away samples with free shipping and totally ,completely FREE!! But not a single taker here, fish market, or any other major platform.. Do people not want K2 spice in herbal form anymore? Is it the marshmallow leaf? its strong...
  3. R

    5fadb or 5cl?

    Im debating between ordering 5fadb or 5cl, i was wondering if anyone has experience with both or either of these cannabinoids and could give me their opinion on them. Thanks
  4. alpino

    Black House Market >>> Buy Top Quality Research Chemicals >>> EU Based! Explore the world of Research Chemicals at Black House Market , your trusted EU store. Discover our premium cannabinoids,herbal blends, stimulants, vape liquids and many more to come. If you have any questions ask Alpino, the wandering wizar of magic . He may not have magic...
  5. B


    Hi everyone can some help me to find the real main precursors name of MDMB-4en-PINACA And 5F-ADB ?
  6. G


    Hello everyone, can you please tell me where i can find CBD?
  7. H

    Synthetic Cannabinoids Precursor Kit 5cl from China

    It interesting to know if anyone has succeeded in the simple synthesis of 5CLADBA precursor kit from china? And if succeeded how was the yield is it strong?
  8. G.Patton

    JWH-018 Synthesis Video

    Introduction BB Forum team happy to post plain JWH-018 synthesis, which is not require rare or elaborated equipment and reagents. There is a step-by-step video guide and clearly written explanation of each step about JWH-018 cannabinoid obtaining with quite height yield. The synthesis can be...
  9. JWH-018 Synthesis Video

    JWH-018 Synthesis Video

    Synthesis of JWH-018 from 3-(1-Naphthoyl)indole. 3-(1-Naphthoyl)indole synthesis from indole.
  10. G.Patton

    ADB-PINACA Synthesis Video

    Introduction BB Forum team glad to represent elementary and simple ADB-PINACA synthesis, which is not require rare or elaborated equipment. There is step-by-step video guide and clear write up about ADB-PINACA formation with a good yield. This synthesis can be repeated even by chemistry...
  11. ADB-PINACA Synthesis

    ADB-PINACA Synthesis

    Video of ADB-PINACA Preparation from methyl 1H-indazole-3-carboxylate
  12. Superfly$$

    Navigating the World of Cannabis with Weedmaps: A Comprehensive Guide

    Introduction: In recent years, the cannabis industry has experienced a monumental shift, thanks to changing laws and a growing appreciation for the plant's medicinal and recreational benefits. As the cannabis community expands, so does the need for reliable resources to navigate this...
  13. Superfly$$

    High There: A Social App for Cannabis Enthusiasts - Elevate Your Connections!

    As a passionate cannabis enthusiast, I've often found it challenging to connect with like-minded individuals who share my love for this plant. However, my experience completely transformed when I discovered the "High There" app. This innovative social platform has become an essential part of my...
  14. hermano

    MN-001 Synthesis

    Synthesis MN-001 yield 15 g Required equipment: Electric hob with closed burner Funnel for bulk materials (with a wide bottom) Flat-bottomed flask 1000 ml Reverse refrigerator Large basin with wide sides Required reagents: Distilled water PMN (1-Nafindol) - 15g Amyl bromide - 18g TBAB...
  15. coke199

    I'm Looking for real 5CL-ADB-A supplier, from china or EU

    Looking for a vendor 
    I'm Looking for real / prebanned 5CL-ADB-A supplier, from china or EU CAS: 2504100-70-1
  16. E

    Need help with turning cbd into delta 9

    How would I go about doing this to where that d9 is the most present also how do I gage the percentages of like d9 d8 etc etc
  17. B

    5cladbb precursor

    hello im new here but ive been around the DN for awile. i recently found the main precursor for 5cladbb and purchased some samples from a client of my vendor to verify before buying a big amount. they make it seem so easy to do. sent me a screenshot of instructions and other material and...
  18. T

    HHC to HHCP ???

    reports suggest HHCP is 20 times stronger than HHC and 5 times stronger than THC, how do they convert HHC to HHCP?
  19. P


    Hello. I have 1-naphthoyl chloride /bromopentane /indole. If there's any simple synthesis with those ingredients I would like to now about trying to learn n thanks
  20. marthaesz

    how to infuse gummies with 8FA sinthetic noid?

    hello, im not very proficient in chemistry but i wanted to make my own noid gummies. I have 10grams of 8FA (structure attached) and i was interested if its possible to make it into gummies with this product and if yes, how?
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