1. M

    Looking for coca seeds or plants in europe

    Hi, i'm looking for small coca plants or seeds. I know its nor worth it for a synthesis, but i'd like to traditionally chew the leaves or make a tea. Greetings
  2. K

    I need wholesale supplier

    I am looking for a supplier with high stock capacities cocaine I am looking for a long-term cooperation. We are very serious people and we like our work. wholesalers only. spain
  3. MisterAnonymous

    Crystallization of Cocaine HCL. (Help me please i am in the middle of a extraction)

    Hello, I am in the middle of an extraction i know have a 5% Sulfuric Acid Solution with Cocaine Alkeloids i know the next step is oxidation but does someone know wich solvents i need to use to get nice crystal fishscale cocaine? Like this: I heard make the cocaine base with Aceton and then...
  4. fidelis

    total synthesis of cocaine from furan

    taken from the vespiary, check the link if u want the reference used >_< pls note that furan is super flammable and its boiling point is around room temperature!! im not sure how useful this synth is 4 the new (or even average) chemist, but i figured id post it anyway just 4 the sake of the...
  5. V

    Synthesizing Tropacocaine

    I'm looking for a guide on making Tropacocaine, a form of cocaine with 1/3rd potency, and is legal in most places. I'm also interested in joining a group that discusses drug synthesis. My Pitch user ID is vvoww
  6. I

    Any Canadians need gear??

    Are there any Canadians on here having trouble getting their gear ?? If I get enough interest I will begin the process of getting my shop set up on this fourm for you maple heads. Looking forward to serving you guys in the future! Stay safe. Stay vigilante.
  7. bordello

    How to luquidify cocain for transport?

    Hello everyone :) Is it possible to liquidify a brick in some solvent for Transport reasons? If someone has some tips u would be very Grateful !
  8. T

    pressing loose coke back to pearl

    Hey guys, I've been Importing loose pure cocaine and im curious how i can press it back and make it look pearl again? Thankyou!
  9. guccimannh


    Hey family im from Brazil, Looking for methods to send fish scales to Europe or countries, anyone looking for a good partnership or a real job, let's get to work!
  10. The-Hive

    cocaine venders in the UK

    Looking for a vendor 
    As above anyone got the good stuff DM me UK only escrow
  11. D

    Czech republic Brno - Cocaine

    Looking for a vendor 
    Hi guys, Sorry Im a newbee here, just found this nice forum yesterday. Im going to Brno in Czech republic this weekend, and my contact was off this week. Have you someone got some contact to person or dead drop to buy some Cocaine tomorrow in this location please? We can talk on Sonar, or...
  12. G


    Looking for a vendor 
    I need 4′-Fluorococaine with tracking shipping & escrow deal
  13. A


    MUST READ !! STOP USEING BOHEMIA !! Honestly, I'm a big buyer on Bohemia and Cannabia, I think they want to exit scam slowly and continue to rake in a little more money before they leave. I see a lot of messages from sellers and customers who deposit but cannot withdraw, I will be moving to...
  14. DMTrott

    Something About Your Cocaine

    A year or so ago, whilst putting the finishing touches to the cocaine section in The Drug Users Bible, I decided to include a short analysis of the market in the UK, with respect to the actual contents as submitted to a well known lab. Whilst this only represents the situation in one location at...
  15. B

    cocaine crystallization/purification

    Anyone know what is happening with this or what can be done? it was quite firm to begin with and white, it has been in a bag and now looks like the picture.
  16. D

    Maximum temperature for cocaine recrystallization with ethanol

    Hi chem experts, after washing cocain with 96.5% (190) ethanol i speed up the drying process via heated plate(3D printer bed) and a normal houshold fan. Normally the tutorials recomend 24-48h drying process but with 50-60 °C heat it is a matter of few hours. Do i degenerate my cocaine with that...
  17. Chem-Safe


    MDMA, amphetamine and cocaine markets in Spain (2022) Main Conclusions In general terms, it is confirmed that the Spanish markets for MDMA, amphetamine and cocaine reflect the global dynamics observed in other European countries, such as, for example, the increase in MDMA doses in tablets, the...
  18. C

    best place to source cocaine in colombia

    hello where is the best place in colombia for someone without any connections to go to and get maybe several grams or a few hundred grams of pure cocaine at a good price? (thinking less than $10 per gram).
  19. E

    Clandestine routes to WIN-35428 aka beta-CFT aka synthetic cocaine

    Apologies if this is the wrong board. It has come to my attention that this is the compound often used in studies in which a cocaine-like substance is to be used, with the big upside of being longer lasting (8 hours) and non-cardiotoxic. Does anyone here have knowledge on how to make this...
  20. H

    Can you produce cocaine from benzocaine?

    Hello, We were reading the forums here and all the questions and answers and we got the following idea: can one produce cocaine from benzocaine?
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