1. KokosDreams

    German Vendors: Wall of Fame

    Ehre, wem Ehre gebührt! Als positiven Gegensatz zur Hall of Shame rufe ich die Wall of Fame in's Leben! Die Regeln funktionieren ähnlich: Legendäre Vendoren, die eine Erwähnung verdient haben werden mit ihrem Namen in das Kommentar gepostet. Die positive Erfahrung mit dem Vendor kann dann in...
  2. I

    Is legit?

    Is Wuhan WinGroup Pharmaceutical a legit chemicals vendor? This is a rather simple question but I am still uncertain. They do have offers in the listings and claim to offer escrow orders here over BB. But I still have trouble finding enough information about them. There is only a single thread...
  3. B

    "Romanian precursor laws are a joke"

    Looking for a vendor 
    We read a while back this thing "Romanian precursor laws are a joke" and it is to our interest to learn more about it as we live quite close to Romania, just two countries away. Are precursors easy to get there? What companies/individuals sell such chems, which chems are easy to get and later...
  4. D

    Made in China clean net?

    Question Looking for a vendor 
    Has anyone shopped thru They seem to offer many products thru many vendors. Curious if anyone has used n outcome? I have only tried shopping from China once for replica cigarettes and it was scam...I'm hesitant to shop anywhere that isn't over market with escrow...
  5. SonicNL


    Post Delivery 
    Hello, We are looking for a verified seller of methylamine 40%. If you know someone who can provide it to us please message me. Thanks in advance.
  6. L

    Looking for ketaminol

    Hi, I am looking for somebody from Europe who can supply Ketaminol or any similar chemical. As far as I know, this chemical is for veterinary usage, meant to horses, cats or elephants even depending on dossage. This is the commercial form for the famous ketamine, which could be obtained from...
  7. Theodormrl

    Nemesis market

    Question Looking for a vendor 
    Hi everyone Is here anyone that have experience with Nemesis Marketplace? Especially with EU vendors? Thanks Theo:)
  8. I

    I need help w finding vendors

    Looking for a vendor 
    i need fenty , h , meth , or hydromorphone I've tried looking for markets on here but after speading shitloads on my first one because i am clearly a dumbass and being scammed by it i stuck to looking for plugs local. im back here trying again because this guy is costing me 25 bucks for a . of...
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