1. W

    recipe for making home Amphetamine (speed)

    Hello everybody I am new here. I'm not sure where to start and to be honest the only reason I'm searching for this is because a friend asked me if i knew how to make amphetamine (or as we European's like to reefer it to as " speed "). Any advice or tutorial of some sort is helpful and i will...
  2. Gusfring666

    [TUTORIAL] How to make LSD #2

    Extraction of Amides from Lysergic Acid: Start with Morning Glory national seeds, the young seeds of the Hawaiian wooden baby Rose, ergot cultured or naturally ergot compounds occurring. NOTE: Morning glory seeds can be coated with a toxic chemical by the seed company in order to avoid...
  3. MuricanSpirit

    Home Laboratory: DIY Hot Plate Stirrer

    I fail to see why I should pay about 1000$ for a hotplate/magnetic stirrer if the tech is so simple. Is it possible to just throw a hotplate over a stirring plate (if the stirring plate is strong enough to keep rotating eg. 5cm distance). Im not sure if the magnetic field interfers in any way...
  4. Marvin "Popcorn" Sutton

    4-MMC (mephedrone) synthesis. Bromination in dichlormethane.

    We'll consider mephedrone (4MMC) synthesis in this article. Dichloromethane (DCM) is used as a solvent. It has a low boiling point (~40 °C) and synthesis procedures take a little time. Work conditions: Air temperature 20-24 ºC; Relative humidity <60%; Well-ventilated room (with air...
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