1. P

    Cybersecurity of online trading

    Hello to all participants and administrations of the forum! I would like to know how to protect myself when trading different things online? To secure means the impossibility of determining my IP, the impossibility of leaving an online trace, the possibility of confidence in the sale. This...
  2. P

    Telegram Breaking Bad Forum is legitim vendor?

    Looking for a vendor 
    Searching on Telegram, I came across the user @BBGates, on a page called @BBGateMenu, where there are a series of vendors and I would like to know how legitimate it is.
  3. M

    any Telegram group for Clandestine chemistry ?

    I would love to know if you guys are in any group chat about drug and clandestine chemistry
  4. amphmnamii

    is telegram safe?

    should we use signal messenger? just asking,...
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