1. R

    Cathinone synthesis

    Hello, I would be very grateful if someone could help me with the following questions: 1. How to make cathinone (just cathinone, not M-Cat or meph) ftom propiophenone, without brom? 2. What is the dosage for cathinone hydrochloride?
  2. B

    5cladbb precursor

    hello im new here but ive been around the DN for awile. i recently found the main precursor for 5cladbb and purchased some samples from a client of my vendor to verify before buying a big amount. they make it seem so easy to do. sent me a screenshot of instructions and other material and...
  3. Mazerakam


    Hi all ! I have some problem of supply for ADB-BUTINACA, so i'm trying to find out how to synthesis it by myself. Hope I will get some answer, if someone know a RC market please PM me, or if you have any information about synthesis like pdf tuto, or other information for a very strong noids in...

    Synthesis PMK (mdp2p) (scale large)

    what is the best reductive amination for large scale pmk? approx 5kg
  5. MuricanSpirit

    Simple Test to Check if Weed is Contaminated with Synthetic Noids

    There are test kit available which show you if a bud is a "cbd bud" or "drug weed". It does this by checking the balance between CBD and THC. You can use this test to tell if there are synthetic cannabinoids sprayed on the weed: If the test tells you that your bud is CBD but it makes you high...
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