1. D

    Czech methamphetamine (aka pervitin) vs crystal meth

    Traditional Czech methamphetamine, locally known as pervitin, is made from (pseudo)ephedrine using iodine and red phosphorus. I understand that the process does not change the chirality of the starting molecule and so it produces 100 % d-meth. Crystal meth is advertised as also d-meth but it...
  2. L

    Do i need skill to cook meth?

    Hi, i was wondering if you need some chemical knowledge to cook crystal meth or if everybody can do it with some tutorials and if yes, how/where to get all the supplies and where do i cook?
  3. F

    Meth for a complete beginner

    It'll be my first time attempting this and it honestly scary, my knowledge on chemistry is little to none and I'm still not sure on which recipe to use, I'd really appreciate help in three topics: - General Chemistry, I don't know of books or videos that could help me as I am not one to usually...
  4. HewHiSt

    Recrystallization of methamphetamine from ephedrine tabs via red phosphorus

    Hey i just saw the video of the syntesis of methamphetamine via red phosphorus but at the end we got white powder And my question is how can i get crystal from this powder ? Like i follow this vid : And after can i...
  5. I

    LSD crystals to liquid

    Hello, I have lsd crystals and I want to turn them to liquid so I can make lsd paper tabs or gel tabs. I didn't make the crystals myself and I don't really know much about lsd so can someone please teach me how?
  6. pap.pine

    Any way to DL all videos?

    Hello all! I was wondering if there's any way possible to download all videos in "one" package for safe keeping? It would be nice if there was an option to fetch all videos with curl or such. Also backuping forum guides would be nice other than copy/paste. :) Also, is there some backup...
  7. W

    recipe for making home Amphetamine (speed)

    Hello everybody I am new here. I'm not sure where to start and to be honest the only reason I'm searching for this is because a friend asked me if i knew how to make amphetamine (or as we European's like to reefer it to as " speed "). Any advice or tutorial of some sort is helpful and i will...
  8. HewHiSt

    Is this website safe and legal ?

    Hey in my research for some solvents and others to buy online i many time saw this website ; for US : for UK : it s strange they use two name, one for US and Canada and an other one for EU, Australia, Asia, ,.... and i...
  9. mortuus1995

    cutting agent for iodine crystal

    im looking for a cutting agent for iodine crystals i read on a forum about MSM but i dont know how i can extract it from pills
  10. W

    Looking for reliable vendors in Finland. (mainly rc, but pharma stuff too)

    Hey, is there any finnish people here who do finland to finland?
  11. Gusfring666

    Some questions (Read)

    Hello again, I'm in doubt with some things, as I'm new to this, I wanted to understand some things, what would be the best protective equipment when preparing methamphetamine, or any other type of drug and what would be the fastest and easiest drug to do? (I'm very glad it was well received...
  12. eu.lab

    Where can I buy Ammonium hydroxide (NH4OH) in Europe without rasing any suspicion?

    Looking for a vendor 
    I am currently located in Europe and want to buy 1L of Ammonium hydroxide (NH4OH) without rasing any to very low suspicion. Thanks
  13. S

    3-CMC Synthesis (around 100g)

    Hi everyone, This is my very first post here. I noticed this is not a toxic forum and people can really ask! So I'm trying to make some 3-CMC at home, and I got some products. I saw 3 or 4 different methods and, as I'm new in this area, I wanted to ask you if the products I have are the proper...
  14. Dr.Mirakulix

    Can I use this for acetylations?

    Hello folks, I'm in need for an acetylation agent, acetic anhydride to be precise (I don't want to mess atound with unnecessarily toxic stuff like acetyl chloride). Anyways, while looking around I found this product (and only this product): (The title says 'Acetic acid 100%' in German) Is...
  15. M

    Anyone know anything about 4-MTA?

    4-MTA, also known as 4-methylthioamphetamine, is an amphetamine (obviously) -- the methylthio derivative of amphetamine. All I know is that it can be made from 4-methylthiophenylacetone and the Leuckart reaction: Which raises two questions for me: 1. How is the leuckart reaction carried out...
  16. D

    Powders into solid (opiates)

    So i live between 2 major opiate/fent open air markets. One market the stuff is heavily cut with variety of substances such as Xylazine, benzos, dormin sleep pills, form of quinine. It comes in powder form. Obviously there's tons of cut but they potentiate each other. The other market, ppl...
  17. Kai

    Is it posible to extract N,N-Dimethyltryptamine via Bursera Graveolens (Palo Santo Incense) products?

    I am still looking for plants or products to extract n-n DMT from, and I stumbled across Palo Santo woodchips. They are legal in Turkey, but I have no idea what percentage of DMT or any other side products are in them. The only thing I know is that it has an oily texture and contains DMT. Can I...
  18. P

    RC direction

    If anyone could point me even in the correct direction of a non scam rc website it would be much appreciated. The 2 I've tried so far looked professional but we're only good at taking my money. If you know of one or even someone I could connect with to find one it would be awesome. Thanks for...
  19. D

    How to delete account

    Hi I would like to learn how I could delete/remove from forum my account, is there any possibility? thanks for help in advance
  20. Kai

    Styrene to mescaline?

    Heard in somewhere you can use styrene to make mescaline was some one can explain do you use styrine to make mdp2p or nitromethene. i am kind of sleepless sorry for any grammar errors
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