1. Cargo Chemicals

    Pill Press Machine

    Machine Introduction: The machine is used to press granular raw materials into tablets,it is widely applied for trial production and small batch production in pharmaceutical plants, chemical plants, food plants, hospitals, scientific research institutes and laboratories. Maximum tablet pressing...
  2. T

    Where to purchase pill presses even just for one at a time.

    Question Looking for a vendor 
    I have been looking for a pill press for a while but cant seem to find one, anyways just send me a link and yeah. I have been trying to create a store for pills and other drugs but mainly pills, you used to be able to get them on silk road but since that has been shut down for a while i cant...
  3. T

    Cheapest way of Making Ecstasy pills from MDMA without a pill press

    What you’ll need To press your own XTC pills, you will need a pill die(you can buy this kind of stuff from AliExpress), a coffee grinder, a hammer, a bench vise, some Microcrystalline Cellulose(MCC-Ph102), some food color in powder form, and of course, MDMA. Grinding the MDMA The first step...
  4. T

    Pill Presses and Stamps

    Hey, brand new to this website and hoping i could get some useful help. I am looking to start my own XTC pill organization but have no idea where to start. I need to acquire a decent pill press that can make batches of about 2-3k pills at a time, a stamp (no idea where i would get these from)...
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