1. B

    Recommend how to distill sulphuric acid

    Im planning to order Vevor 32 piece distilling kit to distill sulphuric acid. Any tips what else i would need? Maybe vacuum pump and cold trap? Any for laboratory equipment shop in EU would be nice. Need to order a lot of stuff to start lab
  2. OrgUnikum

    Why your steamdistillation takes forever - Explanation and solution

    Knowing the average attention span of the YouTube shots generation I make it brief: The problem is the size, the diameter of the connection of boiling flask to condenser. And only the minimal diameter counts, this defines the possible through put through the whole thing. Look at thoese...
  3. GhostChemist

    Simple steam distillation of P2P

    Reagents and materials: 145 ml of unrefined P2P obtained through the reduction of P2NP with borohydride 300-400 ml of a 10% aqueous solution of potassium carbonate 4 liters of distilled water 500 ml (100 g of sodium chloride) of a 20% aqueous solution of sodium chloride 1-liter, 2-liter, 500...
  4. M

    Why do my distlliations take for ever ?

    I'm just newbie and tried distilling of many oils, solvents, water/oil mixtures and water/solvents and i just do a simple distillation setup with the regular glasswares and stuff but doesn't matter what I'm distilling, it just takes for ever like if I have a water/oil mixture it just distills...
  5. G.Patton

    Distillation and distillation systems

    Distillation. Distillation is evaporation of liquid with subsequent cooling and condensation of vapor. Distillation is considered first of all as technological process of separation and refining of multicomponent substances - in a number of other processes with phase transformation and mass...
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