1. C

    Simple crude solventless Δ8-THC synthesis, questions

    Hello i stumbled upon this on youtube and wanted to share and ask if anyone has any experience in this, or improvments since i plan to make large scale. English is not my first language so sorry for mistakes source : Procedure: CBD(25g) is mixed with with P-TSA(0.5g) and placed on a hotplate...
  2. C

    Decarboxylation of Cannabis: Unlocking the Full Therapeutic Potential

    Cannabis, a plant endowed with a plethora of therapeutic properties, has captured the attention of scientists, doctors, and patients seeking natural treatment options for various ailments. One key process that unlocks the full potential of this fascinating plant is decarboxylation. This chemical...
  3. G

    THC From CBD oil

    Hello i need help🙏 Can i turn CBD oil to THC ? I need to turn CBD oil to THC psychoactive.
  4. M

    THC from CBD

    Is there a feasible way of converting CBD into THC?
  5. G

    Hemp Infusion method with THC

    Hello Boys and Girls, Im looking for the method how to infuse Hemp/CBD flowers with THC distillate on commercial scale. Spraying method is fine, but would like to get the distillate "inside" the flowers too, by spraying it just covers the surface of the flowers. If anyone could give some...
  6. G.Patton


    We believe you deserve only the best, so we carefully select suppliers and monitor market developments to offer you products that meet your ever-changing preferences and needs
  7. cake

    90%+ ∆9-THC With ND ∆8-THC | AlCl3 / Aluminum Chloride SOP

    Finally, he made this public after more than a year of research: • 90%≥ ∆9-THC Yield Extremely Fast (~1hrs) • ND ∆8-THC • Much safer than TIBA.
  8. J

    La Verte Feuille

    La Verte Feuille is an online cannabinoid store offering a wide range of products, including flowers, hash, CBD oil, CBG, HHC, CBN, and Phytomremedy. With a diverse selection of high-quality cannabis-based products, La Verte Feuille caters to customers looking for natural remedies and...
  9. L

    CBD - Delta-8 SOP

    Standard Operating Procedure Cannabinoid Conversion CBD Isolate – Δ8 Crude Reactor Method Full Overview Scope: Outlining the procedures necessary to convert 10-20Kg’s of high purity CBD Isolate into Δ8THC Crude Oil via a 100L Reactor via p-Toluenesulfonic acid reagent (TsOH/PTSA). Processing...
  10. M

    The Simplest CBD->THC Isomerization

    This process can be done in < 1 hour. You'll need: FOOD GRADE Zeolite Powder CBD Isolate Procedure: Mix 1 part CBD isolate with 2 parts Zeolite (e.g. 0.1g CBD, 0.2g Zeolite) in baking paper. Pack the baking paper as tightly as possible, then wrap that in aluminum foil as tightly as possible...
  11. J

    How do i make CBD-Liquid?

    Hello, I want to start making CBD Liquid and i don't know how to do it. So please help me with that.
  12. MuricanSpirit

    Simple Test to Check if Weed is Contaminated with Synthetic Noids

    There are test kit available which show you if a bud is a "cbd bud" or "drug weed". It does this by checking the balance between CBD and THC. You can use this test to tell if there are synthetic cannabinoids sprayed on the weed: If the test tells you that your bud is CBD but it makes you high...
  13. WillD

    Cannabidiol (CBD) Isomerization to Psychoactive Cannabinoids

    With Battery acid 1. 1 g of CBD was added to 35 ml of 95% ethanol in a 50 ml Round Bottom Flask (RBF). 2. Placed in a hot water bath at 70°C. 3. Once the CBD was dissolved, 4 drops of 35% sulfuric acid were added to acidify the solution, pH < 3. 4. The mixture was allowed to reflux for 24 h in...
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