1. C

    Decarboxylation of Cannabis: Unlocking the Full Therapeutic Potential

    Cannabis, a plant endowed with a plethora of therapeutic properties, has captured the attention of scientists, doctors, and patients seeking natural treatment options for various ailments. One key process that unlocks the full potential of this fascinating plant is decarboxylation. This chemical...
  2. G


    Hello everyone, can you please tell me where i can find CBD?
  3. D

    Best Site to buy cannabis in the dark web?

    I want to buy some Cannabis in the dark web but I am not very experienced in purchasing goods online. What is the best site to order from without being scammed. Also how to they get delivered, should I deliver the weed to my personal address?! Please help me out and give me some tipps, as I...
  4. kingbr

    Brasileiros! Vamos ter presença no BB!

    Cannabinoids São Paulo 
    Olá a todos os membros, gostaria de iniciar um thread para os membros do grupo que são brasileiros. Vida longa a todos!
  5. J

    Looking for indoor cannabis grower from europe

    Im looking for a indoor cannabis grower for cooperation (big bulk). Deaddrops or shipment. Contact me via pm and please send me ur pgp first
  6. hermano

    Growing. Part 1. Outdoor

    Growing marijuana can be an interesting and rewarding experience, or it can be a complex and expensive project. The good news is that even in a small vegetable garden, you can grow high-quality cannabis without a large cash investment. If you have access to a vegetable garden, balcony, terrace...
  7. Gordon Ramsay

    Cannabis Legalization and Germany - a (never) ending love story?

    It seems like it is time :) The weed legilization in Germany is on the table and politics are discussing potential real life solutions from consumer BUT also economical views. Let us discuss the pro's and con's of the current plan, aswell as potential impacts on the blackmarket! 👇👇
  8. E

    Need help with turning cbd into delta 9

    How would I go about doing this to where that d9 is the most present also how do I gage the percentages of like d9 d8 etc etc
  9. P

    4/20 SPECIAL!

    We wish everyone to have happy, healthy and smoky days... Stay Green, Love and Protect Nature.
  10. P

    How can i get my Money back Form a Customer?

    A while ago I started selling weed in my town.I sold some to a guy and he told me he gives me the money in 2 days.Now we owe me money and he dont want to pay me.Does somebody know a method how can i get my money back.I‘m open for any idea‘s.
  11. MuricanSpirit

    Simple Test to Check if Weed is Contaminated with Synthetic Noids

    There are test kit available which show you if a bud is a "cbd bud" or "drug weed". It does this by checking the balance between CBD and THC. You can use this test to tell if there are synthetic cannabinoids sprayed on the weed: If the test tells you that your bud is CBD but it makes you high...
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