1. T

    Which Bitter Almond Oil Suitable for Benzaldehyde

    Hello, I tried to distill bitter almond oil using Nile's video as a guide (link below), and couldn't recreate it as I think I used a different variant of oil. Nile's video - His oil is white/clear and seemed runnier in consistency while the oil I bought is light yellow and is thicker, about...
  2. Winni Win

    Benzaldehyde CAS 100-52-7

    Payment Terms: TT, Bitcoin, USDT, XMR, Western Union, MoneyGram, Escrow Delivery: 100% safe, fast, secure, and discreet with undetectable packaging and delivery worldwide Warehouse: Australia, Germany, Canada, USA, Russia Price: 1Kg USD50/Kg 10Kg USD40/Kg
  3. Doris1888

    Benzaldehyde CAS 100-52-7

    【Delivery】We guarantee 100% of your packages pass through customs. We have full experience of shipping free of customs clearance, double clearance. 100% pass delivery to USA, Canada, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Italy, Sweden, UK, Czech Republic, Australia, Mexico, Russia, Ukraine...
  4. Phenylacetone (P2P) Synthesis Via BMK Ethyl Glycidate

    Phenylacetone (P2P) Synthesis Via BMK Ethyl Glycidate

    1) BMK ethyl glycidate synthesis from benzaldehyde. 2) BMK glycidic acid (sodium salt) synthesis BMK ethyl glycidate. 3) Phenylacetone (P2P) synthesis from BMK glycidic acid (sodium salt).
  5. Benzaldehyde Synthesis

    Benzaldehyde Synthesis

    Benzyl Alcohol Oxidation to Benzaldehyde Catalyzed by Acid in DMSO
  6. R

    Patented process from benzaldehyde to BMK glycidyl ester to P2P

    This article provides you with a patented synthesis process from benzaldehyde to BMK glycidyl ester to P2P. This process comes from a patent published in 2009. The original text used 4-methoxybenzaldehyde to synthesize 4-methoxyphenylacetone. I replaced it with benzaldehyde to synthesize...
  7. S

    Odors of aromatic aldehydes

    Are there any substituted bezaldehydes or analogs of benzaldehyde (like thiophenecarboxaldehyde) that have the same almond odor as benzaldehyde (and could possibly have been confused with it)? Some time ago I had what I thought was benzaldehyde. It had strong almond smell, and it condensed with...
  8. A

    Biotransformation of Benzaldehyde into L-PAC

    Introduction L-phenylacetylcarbinol is a compound used in the synthesis of ephedrine, itself used as a precursor to amphetamines. Industrially, it is synthesized by the aerobic fermentation of benzaldehyde by baker's yeast (S. cerevisiae/SC). While the process is quite simple, it can require a...
  9. G.Patton

    BMK glycidate (sodium salt) synthesis from benzaldehyde

    Introduction This synthesis is a good option in case you have unavailable phenylacetone for further amphetamine or methamphetamine synthesis. BMK glycidate can be easily turn into P2P by hydrolysis. This reaction have some pros and cons. The main disadvantage that reaction is very sensitive to...
  10. Benzaldehyde from Bitter Almond Oil

    Benzaldehyde from Bitter Almond Oil

    NileRed video
  11. 1-Phenyl-2-nitropropene synthesis

    1-Phenyl-2-nitropropene synthesis

    Benzaldehyde and nitroethane Henry condensation.
  12. Dragovich

    Methamphetamine From Amphetamine Sytnthesis Report (With Success and Final Photos)

    Hello everyone again after a long time. Today I will briefly describe my success in synthesis and what steps I followed. I'm sorry I won't keep long. I don't know what the chemicals you have and the materials you have, but since I live in Turkey, the poorest country in Europe, I pushed the...
  13. G.Patton

    Benzaldehyde synthesis from benzyl alcohol

    Introduction The procedure below describes the oxidation of benzyl alcohol to benzaldehyde in high yield using aqueous nitric acid as an oxidizer. Other methods of oxidizing benzyl alcohol to benzaldehyde are well-known, including those using chlorochromates, persulfate, or activated manganese...
  14. WillD

    Phenylacetone (P2P) synthesis from benzaldehyde with butanone

    Reagents: Benzaldehyde 1000 g; Methyl ethyl ketone (MEK) 1000 ml; Distilled water 14.5 L; Chloroform (CHCl3) 7.6 L; Sodium bicarbonate solution (NaHCO3); Magnesium sulphate (Na2SO4) anhydrous; Glacial acetic acid 10 L; Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) 1300 g 50 %; Sodium hydroxide (NaOH) 600 g...
  15. GhostChemist

    1-Phenyl-2-nitropropene (P2NP) Video Synthesis From Benzaldehyde and Nitroethane. Henry Reaction.

    Reaction scheme: Equipment and glassware: 10 L Flask; Retort stand and clamp for securing apparatus (optional); Reflux condenser; Funnel; Vacuum source; Laboratory scale (0.1-500 g is suitable) - optional; Measuring cylinders 1000 mL and 100 mL; Water bath; Glass rod and spatula; Filter...
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