1. DMTrott

    The Drug Users Bible

    People are dying because of ignorance. They are dying because unremitting propaganda is denying them vital safety information. They are dying because legislators and the media are censoring the science, and are ruthlessly pushing an ideological agenda instead. They are dying because the first...
  2. DMTrott

    Download The Drug Users Bible Free Of Charge Here!

    This was always the plan. My book, all 638 pages of The Drug Users Bible, is now FREE to download as a PDF. To get your copy… please read this: 1. WHAT IS IT? In a nutshell, it’s a harm reduction reference tome. From Amazon: “Over a 12 year period the author of this book self-administered over...
  3. Paracelsus

    Mindheal - Harm Reduction for Everyone!

    Mindheal is a non-commercial online project that aims to tell as many people as possible about the principles of Harm Reduction and change the attitude of society towards psychoactive substances and those who use them.
  4. Paracelsus

    Consultations on Health, Addiction, and Harm Reduction

    Greatings everyone! After discussing with the administration, I've decided to open a small consultation room in this section of the forum. A little bit about myself: I am a doctor specializing in psychiatry and addictology, and I have been working in this fields for years. Based on my...
  5. Paracelsus

    Craving. What it really is and how to deal with it

    Definition Craving - an intense, urgent, or abnormal desire or longing. In our case, we are talking about psychoactive substances. But this can include food, shopping, relationships, impressions, alcohol, junk food, gambling, etc. Thus, craving is a sharp, intense fixation on consuming of...
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