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Sixteen Amphetamine Salts. Part 1

In the first part of the video dedicated to amphetamine salts, we prepare an alcoholic solution of freebase amphetamine and obtain saccharin in the acidic H+ form. The second part of the video will be released soon, in which we will demonstrate the preparation of salts from various acids.

Dedicated topic: Some Amphetamine Salts​

Can this be used in replacement for pseudoephedrine for methamphetamine production
I have a pressing machine TDP 5 and an additive to make the pill not break. I need a real partner who can manufacture amphetamine. I am in a country where there is a very large demand. I will guarantee you that we will never be able to cover the customers’ demand.
Great video, thanks for your service. The disadvantage of the acid-alkali purification method is the high loss of substance. I always wash the free base in dichloromethane with water, this will partially remove some of the impurities, and it is also rational to wash the acidified aqueous solution of the amine with small portions of dichloromethane.
A more effective method, in my opinion, is to distill the free base into fractions in a strong vacuum, then you will get a completely colorless main fraction of the free base, and will also reduce the loss of substance and save a large amount of solvent.
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Synthesis of Amphetamines (Phenylethylamines)
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